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The story behind the most beautiful adventure park in the world

The 1970s were almost the founding years of the amusement parks and Thurn Castle was one of them , Like many amusement parks at the time, Schloss Thurn started with a fairytale forest and many smaller attractions.

But there was also a Westernstadt already Built and exhibited, as usual at that time, a considerable selection of wild and exotic animals, such as antelopes, zebras, bears, pumas, leopards.

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Development of the shows in the theme park

Very early, Schloss Thurn hosted Ritterspiele </a > which, of course, have become more and more spectacular over the years and are now staffed by a whole crew of professional stuntmen.

Over time, the character of the park has been significantly changed and developed. Away from the attitude of exotic animals, to the Ride Attractions and the expansion of the Shows code.

From zoo to modern amusement park:

The future of Thurn Castle

In the latest strategy, the park is gradually being developed into a theme park. So opened recently the unique subject area “The Magic Valley” . But also the shows , certainly one of the park’s figureheads, some spectacular, some romantic, are being redeveloped every year.

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Our goal: A distinctive theme park with colorful shows and unique attractions </ blockquote>

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