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All information on the most common questions

Mit dem Eintrittsentgelt erhalten Sie bei uns nahezu grenzenlosen Spaß. Sie können alle Fahrgeschäfte beliebig oft nutzen und alle unsere Shows besuchen. Lediglich für Spielautomaten und wenige Spielgeräte benötigen Sie 50 Cent- oder 1,-€-Stücke.

The water bobsleigh, the roller coaster and the white water raft are better if you do not take any valuables with you. But you can leave your backpack or bag with the staff and pick it up again after the trip.
You can also leave stuff you do not need in the park with the information at the main entrance with your name and pick it up in the evening (for example, your front door key or your mobile phone).
We recommend that you make a meeting place before you enter the park, e.g. at the main entrance or at the roller coaster.
… can be found at the main entrance, in the coffee shop and saloon in the western town, at the roller coaster, at the large playground and in the restaurant Romantiksaal.
Wheelchair accessible toilets can be found on the roller coaster and in the restaurant Romantiksaal (please contact our service staff).
With the exception of bumper boats, children are allowed to use all attractions.
Children under the age of 8 are only allowed to drive in the company of an adult: family roller coaster, wild water slide, bumper car, Monzarennbahn, Dampfross railway, suspension railway, Wasserbob, pedal boats, Schwanenkarussell, Luna Loop, Butterfly, Oldtimer and small children’s railway.
The bumper boats can be used by children from 8 years and 1.30 m height.
Before each ride is a billboard, where you can read the safety precautions. For some systems there are age or size restrictions, these safety measures are prescribed by the TÜV and must be strictly adhered to.
Out of consideration for other visitors, smoking is not allowed in the waiting areas or in the visitor galleries of our shows.
… are available in sufficient numbers. On busy days, you can quickly steer our parking lot counters to the right parking lot. This service is still free of charge.

From 3 pm you will receive a reduced entrance fee of € 11.00 per person for opening hours until 17 or 17.30 and for € 12.00 for opening hours until 18 or 19.
For more information, visit Admission Prices .

We do not offer a buggy or cart rental.
Please note that children and carts for safety reasons can not be taken into the arena of the Knight Games. An appropriate parking space is located directly in front of the arena.
If your child got lost or you lost it, please contact the next employee. He will initiate what is necessary.
Tip: Write your mobile number on your child’s arm and we’ll find the parents fastest.
Make sure that children under the age of 8 are not allowed to ride all rides alone. Information on this can always be found on the safety signs in front of each attraction.
… you are allowed on a leash. To ensure the cleanliness in the park, it is mandatory to bring a dog bag (available at the entrance box for 1 €).

We collect your lost property from our information at the main entrance.
If you are not lucky here, you can leave your address and telephone number.

… we grant special prices. Wheelchair users pay with us no entry. With an entry B in the card the accompanying person is also free.
Please note that the paths of the park are gravelly. Our staff will gladly help you to get in and out of the rides. As far as possible, the exit of the ride attraction can also be used as access for wheelchair users. Our gastronomy also tries to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
Wheelchair accessible toilets can be found on the roller coaster and in the restaurant Romantiksaal (please contact our service staff).
For the visit of the knight games we have set up a ramp for wheelchair users on the right side tribune.
A family ticket is worth from 2 adults and 2 children (3-11 years).
For more information, see Eintrittspreise.
We recommend that you arrive early in the holiday season. On strong days we open the coffers half an hour earlier. Experience shows that weekends are less busy during the holiday season than on weekdays Tuesday to Thursday.
Franconian cuisine with service is served in the Romantiksaal restaurant.
The Saloon self-service restaurant serves hamburgers, spare ribs and many other western-style delicacies.
With a rustic atmosphere, hearty dishes and a view of the large climbing frame, our beer garden attracts by the large playground.
Schleckermäulern runs in the coffee shop, the mouth water. A delicious cake and cake selection and fine coffee specialties invite you to linger in the Western town.
Snacks in between, ice lollies and many other delicacies are available at the kiosks at the playground, on the roller coaster and on the white water rink.
At the candy & amp; Ice cream stand you can enjoy on the lakeside terrace delicious ice cream, coffee specialties and many sweets.
Crêpes, popcorn and many other sweets are offered at the Crêpe stand next to Knight George’s Knappenschule.
All dining facilities are equipped with a first aid kit. Please contact our employees with confidence. They are trained and will do everything they can to help you.
From the wooden sword to the complete knight equipment – souvenirs, as well as things that you may have forgotten at home (such as suntan lotion, batteries, etc.) are available in the drugstore in the Western city or in the glass palace at the main entrance.
You will find an extra equipped changing room at the Saloon in the Westernstadt. There is also a changing table in each ladies’ room. If you have ever forgotten something (baby bottle, diaper, etc.), please contact the staff in the restaurant Romantiksaal or in the saloon.

… is possible. If you plan to arrive by train, choose as destination station Forchheim. From there you have bus connections to Heroldsbach.

Find the information you need at Directions at the bottom of the page.Anfahrt at the end of the page.

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