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Are you planning a visit to the amusement park or are you looking for a great event location?

Family vacation in Germany

Family Holidays Germany - Theme parks as a focal point for young and old If you also ask yourself every year, where to go in the next family holiday, then this article is just the thing for you. We explore the question of why a family holiday in Germany is so popular and what makes a trip to a leisure park like Schloss Thurn for young and old a [...]

Holiday Park Bavaria

Thurn Castle - action and relaxation in the holiday park Bavaria Whether a day trip with a lot of variety or a short holiday with the family, not only the planning, but above all the implementation can be quite a challenge, if not a stressful event. Hike vs. Inline Skating or Museum Vs. Cinema - just a few examples when two generations meet with their wishes. It is not [...]

Event location near Nuremberg

Thurn Castle - Event Location near Nuremberg Are you looking for an extraordinary event location in the Nuremberg area and are you shying away from being in the middle of the city? Then Schloss Thurn is the right place for a fitting and stylish event. Make events special Due to its geographical location, Schloss Thurn offers a lot of location advantages over other locations. [...]

Wedding location: getting married in Schloss

Wedding in the castle - a wedding location with ambience all the information that makes the wedding location in a castle so unique. The best day of your life and the wedding location should be perfect! For a wedding to become a dream wedding, many factors have to be right. The selection of the wedding location plays an important role here. Often [...]

Leisure Park

The amusement park for all - Schloss Thurn There are many theme parks, but it all depends on the right mix. Because often a park has specialized only on a certain age group or a topic. Not so with us in the Amusement Park Schloß Thurn. Find out why we are a heme park for the whole family sind. Enjoy free time in [...]


A perfect day out with the family a day trip with lots of variety Day Trip: Where to go? Who does not know: finally time for the family! But what to do? In addition to many experiences, the time spent together should also be a bit relaxing. So plan your day out for the family well. The adventure park Schloss Thurn offers [...]

Short break with children

Short breaks with children. All really important information on how the short break with children becomes a highlight can be found here: Short breaks with children A short break with children is a highlight for the whole family. But such a journey can quickly become a stressful event for the parents. We give you useful tips to prepare yourself and the children [...]

The top excursion destination in Franconia

Schloss Thurn – Top destination in Franconia Franconia has nothing to offer but nature and Franconian Switzerland? Far from it, because one of the most popular excursion destinations in Franconia is the amusement park Schloss Thurn. Here recreation and action meet for the whole family. The central location of Forchheim, the journey is quick and easy. Known as an excursion destination in Franconia beyond [...]

Event location Erlangen

Event location Erlangen: weddings and events in the theme park Schloss Thurn Many say that one's own wedding is the happiest day in life. That's also true, because you make a commitment that is to endure all odds until the end of life. Of course, such a drastic event must be duly celebrated and dignified. On a day like this, it's important that everything is just right. You do [...]

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