Short breaks with children.

All really important information on how the short break with children becomes a highlight can be found here:

Short break with children

Short breaks with children

A short break with children is a highlight for the whole family. But such a journey can quickly become a stressful event for the parents. We give you useful tips to prepare yourself and the children perfectly for a relaxing holiday.

Useful tips for a short break with children.

Good pre-planning is half the recovery.

Plan your short break on time! The more freedom you have in advance, the more relaxed you can get at it and not risk forgetting important things. Find out in good time on the website of your destination about the local conditions.

First, look for a hotel, which is the starting point for many excursions and activities. Make sure your reservation is made that the hotel is child friendly. Read attentively hotel reviews and decide which points are important for you and your family.

Unfortunately, with a short break with children, the journey to it, which can become the true stress factor for everyone involved, is always part of it. But also here it is necessary to remedy and especially to make the journey as entertaining as possible for the children.

Arrival by bus or train

If you arrive by public transport, this usually means a relaxing holiday start, the long traffic jam you have to expect.

The advantage of traveling this way is that as a parent you can fully concentrate on your children. Find out about the special offers on the train. Often children travel up to a certain age free or reduced. The track provides separate compartments with play areas special for parents with children.

Keep in mind, however, that you have to plan enough buffers when transferring with children, because trains are not always on time and platforms are right next to each other. Also make sure that they find a suitable and safe parking space for the stroller if necessary. This is not always easy!

One disadvantage is mobility on the ground. Pay attention to the connection of your hotel to public transport. Ask specifically for a pick-up and drop-off service from the hotel to train stations in the area. It can also be interesting to rent a car for the duration of your stay. So they are always mobile and reach even the most remote places.

Arrival by car

Of course, you can also enjoy a relaxing short break with children if you arrive by car, because you are flexible in terms of time and vacation. Here, too, there are important tips for planning in advance, which make it easier to travel with the little ones.

Plan the itinerary in advance and pay attention to intermediate stops such as service areas, because children should drink a lot during a ride, which in turn often leads to piping breaks, which you should definitely remember in your schedules. Easily combine the small breaks with playful elements to get the kids moving. The onward journey is then accompanied by new energy and whining children’s voices fall silent immediately.

Also, think in advance of when you want to arrive at the destination and if it makes sense to start at night. The advantage is that the little ones sleep and you can start in peace on short breaks. Check vacation times of other (federal) countries and avoid driving into holidays when everyone else is doing it. Even though parents are often dependent on holidays for a short break with children, they do not drive directly on the first holiday weekend, but rather two to three days later.

The safety in the car plays a big role. Avoid risks by taking the car to the garage for a check-up before driving if necessary. For the little ones, child seats guarantee perfect road safety. It is best to pack the car the day before departure and with system. Keep in mind that you should store things that you need while driving within reach.

The most popular attractions in the Erlebnispark Schloss Thurn

For a relaxed trip to a short break with children:

Take sufficient food (drinks and food) with you, because often rest areas or on-board restaurant leave the wishes of the children open and are also very expensive. Bread, fruit and water should not be missing in any travel provisions. Of course, even small treats such as chocolate and gummy bears can be taken to reward the children for their good behavior.

Also think of a small first-aid kit, because children often suffer from travel sickness, which can make the journey a real pain for all involved. In your pharmacy, ask specifically for tablets or chewing gums for travel sickness.

It is very important that children do not start to cringe. Be creative and keep children entertained. Positive side effect: time flies by for you as well.

First of all, think of little games that you can use to keep the kids happy. On the Internet, there is a long list of play ideas for children. But even today’s technical aids can help keep the little ones busy. Take your favorite stories with you as an audiobook or play children’s DVDs. Time passes thus for the children as in no time.

Let children participate in the planning

Even if you have the scepter in your hand of course, it does not hurt to include the little ones in your holiday planning. In the run-up to the short break, ask yourself what your child would like to do during activities on holiday. You will be amazed what valuable tips you get. By including your children you also increase the anticipation of the short break, because the children know all the more what they expect.

Have a look together with your child on the Internet, or get yourself a guide of the region and learn so in advance a lot about the preferences of your little ones know. Remember, however, that the whole family may decide together.

For some travel days you can give children two or three choices of several activities. So you have the feeling to be involved in the travel planning and to decide how the holiday goes.

The ideal destination for a successful getaway?

Children often opt for a visit to the zoo or Tiergarten or a amusement park .
An exciting alternative that combines both, we want to offer you from the adventure park Schloss Thurn. Here you will find numerous attractions and shows as well as adventure worlds with animals. There are also opportunities for retreat for the parents, for example on our sunbathing lawn while the children let off steam on the adventure playground.

Increase the anticipation of the children to the climax, by including it also when packing your bags, because that is considered the starting signal for the holiday. Write a packing list in advance, so as not to lose track. Important documents such as booking documents and travel plans are best summarized in an extra travel folder to have them at hand at all times.

Avoid boring things permanently. Culture certainly does not harm children, but think of a varied mix. For example, go to museums where there are children’s areas or where children can interact and touch things interactively. For children too, combine seemingly boring activities with playful elements. Have the children keep a travel diary in which they report on all activities.

Also think”negative”

Not always a short break with children runs smoothly despite perfect planning. Therefore, you always think in advance a bit negative, because even here you can make certain scenarios appear only half as bad.

Have a first-aid kit that helps with small emergencies. It should contain cough tablets, fever and diarrhea, nasal spray and eye and ear drops. But of course also plaster and wound cream. Also think about circumstances like sun and insects. Therefore, pack sunscreen cream, mosquito repellent and disinfectant wipes.
Depending on the age of your children, it is important to expand the first aid kit. Also remember to check the shelf life of the medication.

Even”homesickness”can overtake a child despite a lot of action and fun. Take care of things from everyday life – such as the child’s favorite stuffed animal.

Of course, you know your child and your family best, so our little guide is intended only as a support for a short break with children. Plan your rice


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