Family Holidays Germany – Theme parks as a focal point for young and old

If you also ask yourself every year, where to go in the next family holiday, then this article is just the thing for you. We explore the question of why a family holiday in Germany is so popular and what makes a trip to a leisure park like Schloss Thurn for young and old a real experience.

That speaks for a holiday in Germany – the three “S”

Holidays in Germany are becoming increasingly popular, which is also evident in the coverage of well-known family portals. When local tourists are asked why, there is always one of the three “S words”:
– S how super cleanliness: Germans love it hygienically. The German standards are just, at least as far as the purity of the hotel rooms and camping facilities, particularly high.
– S like service: It makes you feel safer, not just about medical care. If we are honest, many tourists abroad feel reasonably helpless.
– S how speech: In this country, half understandable German is spoken, the few communication difficulties due to the different dialects are not comparable with those in other countries.
But a holiday in Germany has even more advantages: It protects the travel funds, because the journey is usually shorter, if you do not drive abroad or even fly. You can travel with your own car and need not worry about air traffic controller strikes and the like. Some may argue that it strengthens the economy.
If that is not the main reason for choosing a family holiday in Germany, one thing is for sure: Germany has a beautiful seashore with the North and Baltic Sea for a variety of sporting activities, many mysterious mountains that invite to hiking, as well as really nice flatland for long bike rides.

Tip: Plan a trip to the amusement park

Ever thought of a visit to the amusement park? It’s fun to relax for a few days on the beach or in the room, but many children will eventually get bored. At some point, the daddy or mom just does not feel like building sand castles with the scion, and the packaged parlor game is exhausted after a while. Is that familiar to you?
The offspring wants to get busy, wants to experience something, and he is right. All the more practical, if a family park is located near the holiday home, which promises a welcome change. If the designated amusement park is near your resort, you are likely to make one-day trips. You may also consider extending the visit to the theme park by a few days.
The accommodation options on site are varied. The youngest ones especially like to remember such exciting holiday trips. In the evening they fall blissfully to bed and for you parents is a really nice change from the usual city break or spa holiday. The most popular attractions in the theme park Schloss Thurn.

3 more reasons why the whole family will benefit

Whichever area you choose as your holiday destination, there is an amusement park nearby where the whole family can have fun. 3 other reasons why you should definitely try a family holiday in Germany in combination with visits to a family park:
1. The family feeling is strengthened. During an active holiday in one’s own country, parents and children are “forced” to survive a program and to spend their holidays together. The cohesion within the family then grows automatically.
2. Everyone gets to know their home country better. There is so much to discover in Germany – for you parents as well as for the kids. If even for us adults so many areas in Germany is still a white spot, how much more important is it to look at it together with the children.
3. Shared adventures weld together. Everyone will like to remember that. Incidentally, have you ever noticed that the longer the holiday, the more different things you have experienced? Such a day trip to the nearest family park can be a much longer in hindsight than it actually was. The conversation after the holidays will definitely not go out to children.
Practically, in Germany we have an incredibly wide range of amusement parks like in hardly any other country in the world. Such a park really is THE focal point for all ages. Your next visit to amusement park Schloss Thurn should not be long in coming!

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